Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Very Belated Christmas

Well, it has been a busy month sorry for not posting in a long time I have been rather busy you see while my aunt was in Hawaii (No I did not get to go) I got to house sit and dog sit a chow so not much time to mini any way I am back, and glad to be so. :) I hope you all reading this have a very Merry Mini Christmas. I did pretty good I got a nice selection of brass mini and it is stuff I can use which is nice My parents spoiled me and got me a TWO piece cutting mat nice and big but only one fits on my desk, but I will use the other one some where. Now you are probably thinking 'that's nice now what have you done?'

Well, I sided some more worked on the removable wall/bay window cut the top of the frames at a 60 degree angle on the left it was the left side, on the right it was the right and the middle was both sides, I also paneled the inside the panels in the middle have the paint showing above below I pained them white, I will put red print fabric in there they will be a little different than the curtains any way you can see it better than I can describe it.

Now how about the outside, well I started with one shade of medium blue for the outside and I didn't like it, I like it more now that I added two colors, I should have worn gloves I also replaced the stones and am much happier, I also fixed the door problem! No need to post boring pictures of that. However since I added the siding the wall has warped a bit so I might just leave the wall as is and take apart the top piece and attach it to the wall,

any way have a happy new year, and mini happy returns!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Merry go round and round and round and.. . . .

Well it has been a couple days, what have I done? RID THE MERRY GO ROUND! I didn’t have a lot of time with work and that pesky thing called real life, but I did get something done. Well Sorta.

You see the first picture here, I cut a new wall to make it straighter so there is not such a gap, well after two days of drying, and I discovered I put the porch on back wards.

*sigh* soo, I cut another one, it worked BUT There was still a gap, ok. . . So I tore the wall out and almost left it that way but I thought it might get kinda draftee so I cut a new one, glued and pinned it n place and. . . It lined up!!

The catch, well. . . I’ll fix that later, it is better, for now. . .

Oh this is my helper, he is a great dog that elephant is my other helpers [my nephews] back pack. He loves it I have long decide it won’t make a good rug the colors good for a wolf however, it’s a tad thick. Mind you I could shave it. . . . Hmmmm. . .

Till next time.

Oh by the way a good way to cover big gaps is with a piece of card and some glue like so,

Until next time!

Lidil Stuff

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lets play tag. . . .

So you may be wondering what is with the title, well i decided today i would play tag with my light blue dark blue and white paint. You know how it goes, you paint onside blue then the other side white, ohh look i got a driblet lets fix that with a bit of white oh the white touched the blue now the blue is it any way, I was asked for an over view shot so here are a couple,

By the way for those who wondered what happened to the gatekeepers cottage it uh, had an accident forensics are on it as we speak. So far they have found my three year old nephew army man inside, he isn't talking. Now what am I going to about that cottage well, I was kinda thinking of building a timbered one you know the type board and batten, well we will have to see. Oh and for those of you who build basements to their houses think of a hidden electrical room

Till next time,
Lidil Stuff

Ahh. the beginning

So this is my first blog I will try to update once a week, Lets see i am 19 year old guy and working on a Garfield dollhouse by Green Leaf It is what we mini addicts like to call 'bashed' or 'bash' which means we take the basic structure and alter it, i will post some pictures of what I have done to day more is available at , this site plenty of good info there any who,

See the light hanging down? That will be fixed after I paint, the other one is staying put for some odd reason. I have a nice york town door to go there

The siding is held down by no more nails It is an all purpose glue great for building doll houses, grabs quick and is water based for easy clean up, fill gaps, and holds a kit together very well.

This is George aint he great? He never argues and does what he is told.
Until next time!

Lidil Stuff