Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ahh. the beginning

So this is my first blog I will try to update once a week, Lets see i am 19 year old guy and working on a Garfield dollhouse by Green Leaf It is what we mini addicts like to call 'bashed' or 'bash' which means we take the basic structure and alter it, i will post some pictures of what I have done to day more is available at , this site plenty of good info there any who,

See the light hanging down? That will be fixed after I paint, the other one is staying put for some odd reason. I have a nice york town door to go there

The siding is held down by no more nails It is an all purpose glue great for building doll houses, grabs quick and is water based for easy clean up, fill gaps, and holds a kit together very well.

This is George aint he great? He never argues and does what he is told.
Until next time!

Lidil Stuff


Debra said...

Love your blog, and I have a gorge too, maybe I can call it goergette lol. Cheers Debra.

Lidilstuff said...

Thanks Debra although its a little late, I read every comment.

Kathi said...

Hi! I just found your blog and am going to follow you!
What is "George?" Where did you get him? Looks like the perfect tool for sawing!
I'm just getting started with my dollhouse so I look forward to learning from you!
Blessings, Kathi

lidilstuff said...

Hi kathi!! its probably a little late, George is a dremmel saw, come with a few blades and works great, was 250 and worth every penny!