Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lets play tag. . . .

So you may be wondering what is with the title, well i decided today i would play tag with my light blue dark blue and white paint. You know how it goes, you paint onside blue then the other side white, ohh look i got a driblet lets fix that with a bit of white oh the white touched the blue now the blue is it any way, I was asked for an over view shot so here are a couple,

By the way for those who wondered what happened to the gatekeepers cottage it uh, had an accident forensics are on it as we speak. So far they have found my three year old nephew army man inside, he isn't talking. Now what am I going to about that cottage well, I was kinda thinking of building a timbered one you know the type board and batten, well we will have to see. Oh and for those of you who build basements to their houses think of a hidden electrical room

Till next time,
Lidil Stuff

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