Thursday, November 27, 2008

Merry go round and round and round and.. . . .

Well it has been a couple days, what have I done? RID THE MERRY GO ROUND! I didn’t have a lot of time with work and that pesky thing called real life, but I did get something done. Well Sorta.

You see the first picture here, I cut a new wall to make it straighter so there is not such a gap, well after two days of drying, and I discovered I put the porch on back wards.

*sigh* soo, I cut another one, it worked BUT There was still a gap, ok. . . So I tore the wall out and almost left it that way but I thought it might get kinda draftee so I cut a new one, glued and pinned it n place and. . . It lined up!!

The catch, well. . . I’ll fix that later, it is better, for now. . .

Oh this is my helper, he is a great dog that elephant is my other helpers [my nephews] back pack. He loves it I have long decide it won’t make a good rug the colors good for a wolf however, it’s a tad thick. Mind you I could shave it. . . . Hmmmm. . .

Till next time.

Oh by the way a good way to cover big gaps is with a piece of card and some glue like so,

Until next time!

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