Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Very Belated Christmas

Well, it has been a busy month sorry for not posting in a long time I have been rather busy you see while my aunt was in Hawaii (No I did not get to go) I got to house sit and dog sit a chow so not much time to mini any way I am back, and glad to be so. :) I hope you all reading this have a very Merry Mini Christmas. I did pretty good I got a nice selection of brass mini and it is stuff I can use which is nice My parents spoiled me and got me a TWO piece cutting mat nice and big but only one fits on my desk, but I will use the other one some where. Now you are probably thinking 'that's nice now what have you done?'

Well, I sided some more worked on the removable wall/bay window cut the top of the frames at a 60 degree angle on the left it was the left side, on the right it was the right and the middle was both sides, I also paneled the inside the panels in the middle have the paint showing above below I pained them white, I will put red print fabric in there they will be a little different than the curtains any way you can see it better than I can describe it.

Now how about the outside, well I started with one shade of medium blue for the outside and I didn't like it, I like it more now that I added two colors, I should have worn gloves I also replaced the stones and am much happier, I also fixed the door problem! No need to post boring pictures of that. However since I added the siding the wall has warped a bit so I might just leave the wall as is and take apart the top piece and attach it to the wall,

any way have a happy new year, and mini happy returns!!