Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time to breathe. .

I wanted to show this off it is looking so well, By the way I was playing with the settings on my camera wahtya think? It took half a bucket of grout, i find out after, it works better if you water it down. The top will have a smoking chimney. There is a cover for it. The shingle were uh, fun yeah that's it. I added the top two floors because looking at this wall was driving Zoinkers. I still need some of those single french doors, I do have another window some where. . . Oh by the way,please excuse the mess. I work better in creative chaos. I will clean it up honest!

This is the side wall next to the tower it will have rocks, and cedar shakes. The floor is a nice light blue. The posts will be half cedar shakes half stone, I might ad a seat or two built into the railing. There will be no roof on the side though. Not sure about porch posts, might still do those we will see. I thought of adding a balcony but I would have to rework the master bedroom.

These two are of the balcony a close up this one you can see the supports above you can see the diagonal siding. I wanted different lets go inside.

This is the nursery this room will be in progress, with tools here and there Studs showing on the wall. Plaster sticking through etc.

This is going to be the butlers room probably done a shades of worn green I have a murphy bed to go in here. There will be a door into this room

This will be a sewing room a nook area with a raised area for the dummy and I will probably hide the power strip in here. There will be an arch with curtains going across. That little step up goes into the ball room.

As always there are more pics here at green leaf lots of new pics of my dogs here too. . .

Till Next time,

Friday, October 16, 2009

A really good Thanks Giving

Admittedly I should have posted this sooner but, I worked Sunday, (last weekend) we were having our thanks giving supper then, so any ways, while I was working, I was approached by one of my coworkers who had a friend associated with the shelter. Anyways I was asked if I wanted a dog, as you all know i really have no room, I stated to hesitate.

'Shes a year old border collie really nice dog.'

Oh Why is some on giving her away then?

[Then came the bomb shell.] There not they are going to put her down tomorrow.


Because she isn't selling.

Grumble a curse about shelters. So I phoned home, it was a quick decison, no one wanted an another dog, but we wanted her not to be put down. So we adopted her She is Boder collie husky maybe german shepard.

Being born in a shelter she was only trained on news paper but so far, she is doing ok. Well She is great with the kids, great with buddy very playful but very skinny and has issues with sharing.

Well work on that

So far she is quite settled! Her name is misty, the thing about that is she came with a different one, but she didn`t respond to it, we were disusing names when this one came up she cam over and gave us a look like, whatya want! Misty is the black dog Buddy Is the white dog.

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Kreativ Blogger award!!

Yay I got another award!! So Here are the rules,
1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
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No 1 Thak you Jean!
No 2 Done!
No 3Jean day Minis!
No 4Hmm lets see
1 I play world of warcraft on occasion with my big sister I like the archaetcure . . . Yeah um that is it. .
2 I have two dogs Now I just rescued one.
3 I can`t stand bugs
4 I like music from the 40s 50s 60s and 70s the best. I know its weird
5 I am 20 ...
6 I have bad eye site
7I wear out exacto knives easy cutters any thing with blades at record pace!
No 5 &No 6
Seven Bloggers hmmm,
Let there is
Casey Minis
Antique Daisy
Kathie B's Minis Blog
Greenleaf Beacon Hill Dollhouse Back to Back Extravaganza
Fluffy Bricks
More Minis
Deb Minis
No.7 Will do!

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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Already? Yikes. Well here is a tut for a perfume tray, if you all are good, you might get Halloween something. . .. Any ways . . . As you can see from the above photograph you will need, a small piece of strip wood, and a piece of thin lumber. I made my tray to fit on my dresser in the master bedroom. You will also need a knife ruler and a pencil is always helpful. Also You will need various beads for your perfumes. I used something else which you will soon see.
The base of my tray is an inch and a half long by 3/4ths of an inch. The strip wood was a touch thick so I split it in half and Cut the sides an inch and a half and the other side 3/4ths of an inch. I then mitered the corners and and stained it. The stir stick is optional, you can create a little lip around the box if you want. I didn't.

So trays need handles right? I used bugle beads and after this photo was taken painted them gold with my trusty krylon pen. The feet are beads but you can use buttons, or other findings.

I glued the feet so there are only a little showing from up top. Just eyeball it so it looks even. I was going to use another smaller type of bugle beads for the feet but they were to tall.

Now for the handles try as might. This is the only amount of glue that would let them stay. In this case less isn't more.

Now I bought these cocktail sticks from the dollar store [dollarama] I cut them down so there is a touch of the metal stick left. And I just stuck them in.

Here is the final result I really like the way it turned out.The chains sticking out of the dresser are just an inch if chain, one painted gold with you guessed it, my krylon gold leafing pen. The 'unmentionable' sticking from the top drawer is a bit of ribbon. I really like this dresser!

Till next time,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Golen Fingers

Hi, all!! I do not have golden fingers read more and I will tell you why. I have been busy There are more photos here of coarse. I really like this room. I did the gold leaf in case your wondering, by using a krylon pen. I painted the high parts gold, With a gloved hand which is why I am not playing king Midas now. Anyways I rubbed the gold leaf around after ten seconds, any less and it smudges.

As you can see in this one it works great on embossed scrapbook paper, or wallpaper. By the way the molding up top is from classics.

There is shot here shows the billiard area the lights are by miniature house, and are two chandlers, they weren't long enough, so I pulled the wire down and twisted it, that’s all they had before no chain but it looks great. The ceiling roses took some thinking. The regular ones wouldn’t work because with these ones the mounting system is a plastic plate, with wire going through. I could dismantle it, but then I would have to put the plug back in. I am not yet sure how to do that. So I took a thin metal jewelry finding, about as thick as heavy card stock. [Similar ones can be found with scrap booking things] And cut toward the center. I wrapped it around and with double sided tape, acid free of coarse. I pressed down. The ceilings embossed scrap book paper, I think embossing it would be to much.

The shot here show the embossed wall and a blank wall and a hole in the wall. That hole in the wall is where the clock tower will go, inside will be a step up and a seating area. That blank wall will have a square window at an angle. I will do the red and cream walls there too. The embossed wall tuned out that way because the door wouldn’t close with the full base board/shelf. I really like this room

Oh if you noticed a hole in the ceiling/floors, that’s were the stairs will go. And yes that room goes to nowhere, it will eventually, go to a room in progress This shot show the little girls room. That niche will eventually be walled up and will house some of the electrical things. If you look closely, You'll Notice that at the top of the room the floor fro the top floor sticks out. Shelves will some day go there to house dolls or teddy bears. That's how I made the bed fit!
Till Next time,
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Monday, September 21, 2009

September Show And New garfeild pics!!

Hi Evey one! Soo what do you think of this stucco? Let me tell you it looks even better in real life! How did I do it? Well, I us old arclic, the lumpy stuff you throw out and sponge it on, EASY! This is a shot of the library Like the chairs? I got them at a mini show, In Edmonton Alberta More pics of what I got and displays here.

I am so happy about this room more pics of the finished room here. The walls are scrap book paper with wood over top. I used grandmas stovers Glue It worked really well, the top trim is embossed trim painted antique white with krylon gold leafing pen rubbed on. The walls come of to access the wiring. That door leads into the little girls room at this landing will be a pool table, on the upper level will bea games table and a pair of chairs a sofa and a couple tables. The trim over top of the book case is held on by wax, for the book shelve comes out and that is where the wiring goes. The who;e room will have parquet floors. The door will Have curtains hanging down. Hmmm, I need to finish that trim around the window. . .

Ill show you one more thing, my roof topper are little plastic dragons, and will [duh] go on the roof, I got those a t a toy store.

Till Next time, Lidil stuff

An award!

Admittedly its a little late and I apologize but I got my first award,
Soo Traci sent this to me sorry it took so long traci.
Herer are the rules

Here are the rules for this award:
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1. To complete the following phrase; I AM A LIGHT AND WANT TO ILLUMINATE. . .
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I am light and want to illuminant the talent that each of has within us. Let us never hide from it, but encourage it and feed it like it is our young. Each person has there own talent, So lets use it people!

This award came from, Random Aspects

I am awarding the following blogs,
Casey's Minis Great ideas and inspiration
The life of a doll. Its hilarious
More Minis, a great read, and she works fast!
Deb Minis, I love her work!
Kathie B's minis a great artist.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I can explain really!

But why waist your time?? All right today we will make a purse/handbag/etc.

You will need balsa wood strip wood about 2/3rds thick, a knife, some fabric and ribbons of your choice, scissors and of coarse glue.

Step 1

Start with a piece of strip wood preferably balsa wood. About an inch long and an inch tall, mine was an inch and a half.

Step 2 and 3

Slice off the top making a triangle with a square base.

Add a triangular slit in the side be digging in your knife shallowly at an angle, do this twice. Oh don’t forget the other side.

Now is where you get to add your fabric!

Step 4

If you followed the directions then you will need a piece about an inch square, and one rectangle the width of your purse (1 inch) by about 3-4 inches you can cut the excess or fold into a triangle for a flap.

Step 5

Using a toothpick spread glue over top of the wood and wrap your inch square piece around the edge and using a toothpick [a separate one is better no likes glue on there bag] press into the groves

Step 6

Wrap your inch wide fabric around and either cut off the excess or fold into a flap. If there is any excess on the sides cut it off.


A pocket upfront can be added with a coordinating fabric, by cutting a square and covering it with trim, a handle can be made with lots of things here are some ideas



Leather strips

Jewelry cord


Jewelry findings


For an evening bag you just make the purse about half an inch tall, and follow the instructions almost the same. For handles you can use




Leather strips



Jewelry findings

Small scale drawer handles.

Sory for the long wait I have been traveling and working a lot in the summer, but I am back now! I will soon post about the mini show here

Bellow is a teaser of what I have done in my spare time.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mini Show= 3 days = Heaven

Thats right I had worksops for two days and a mini show for 1.5 it was so much fun. I met a lot of great people! I had a blast any way bellow are some pictures of what I got and tons more here.
There is some pictures here of the wonderful displays, none of which are mine unless stated. Any ways, I gotta go!
I love that raffia rug!

In this one do you see the bespq display cas I love that one!

Till Next time

Lidil Stuff

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Been Busy

Honest I have!!I have been working on a contest entry, so I can't show you photos, however I can show you what else I have been up to.

By the way the contest entry is this one here at green leaf.
Any way this photo here is my living room furniture, ceiling and walls egads, I still have a clamp there. . . . I hope it doesn't leave marks!

This is my clock tower No there is not two, the camera squished them, and I don't know why. Now if only I can get the clock to stay in. . . .

This Is wall no.1 in my my ball room, it looks good, but I messed up cutting the windows. Hey I am only six three, its dificult with a step ladder. By the way I love Minwax! Its a great stain. I still have to grout the stones. Maybe I'll buy some tommorow or monday, mine is dried out. . .

This is the little girls day bed it will have a couple cusions and maybe a throw. Now I also have to shorten. I did measure honest! Maybe that should be my title . . . .

Till next time lidils tuff.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hard headed

Hi all, here is my weekly ish update,

Today and since last time, I have created wall template's from foam core, paneled an papered them but the crown molding didn't match up so I created a ceiling, its my 3rd try on both of these, and I am quite happy., as soon as I can get my paws on an iron, i will re do the floors in parquet.

Stay tuned because very soon you will get to see what furniture for this room, it is from a wonderful artist, that is a blast to deal with. I'll give you a hint, her name is Deb. Any who enough chit chat, here is the eye candy.

I know what your thinking, wont the people be slightly upset with those obscene orange things? Well don't worry, there clamps and they won't be there forever, nor will the jug of tile sealer. its thee so the ceiling won't squash them like ants. Its a Victorian house after all they shouldn't need hard hats.
I used a template made from foam core for this because it was easier.

Till next time


Monday, March 9, 2009

Tick talk. . .

The mouse ran down the clock, well maybe not, but I thought I would show you what I have done with the clock tower so far.As you can see the outside is plain with no stone, it will have stone on the outside and a working clock that chimes on the hour. Glad Its on another floor.

Any ways. . .The inside is like a small room and will house a chair a small shelf and the middle space will have a bunch if gears. The bottom of it will come down in a point and ill be removable by Velcro. So I can move garf.

Cya later
Lidil stuff

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bathroom Lay-out

Today life intervened, soo, I will show you my new bathroom layout. See the door in the back? It goes to a non existent hallway, there is no longer a mini hallway in front connecting the master with the kids room, it now 'not' there in the back, the little alcove in the kids room will be perfect for a door, I was going to put a false bath in there but why would you have have the walk thru the master into a hallway (or thru a bathroom then into a hallway) into a bedroom then into anoter bath. I like this lay out better, no on will open the door I hope, with the little space, I can make it look like a hallway in the kids room, soo from the stairs you go left to the master right to a hallway that leads to a bath and a bedroom, much better, in the stair way, the illusion of a hall will be there with another door that goes no where. I hope some one can make sense of this.

Ooh I also changed the look i hope its easer to read.

Till next time

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fully exposed

Many people asked for a full view of the over all project well here ya go. Its messy I am warning you! This is the bell tower and will be stoned. Maybe a couple of pixie heads mixed in we will see.

This is the front, the little thing being held by masking tape will be the clock turret, it will have a pointy roof and bottom I am thinking of extending the porch all around for continuity we will see.

This veiw shows the side and the removable section the conseravtory will be attachedthose holes in the middle will be a window, stones, amd above them maybe a balconey, sorry for the mess, again

This view shows the stairs which I am happy with the angled wall will be sided. There will also be a sewing room uptop, with a french door and a window box on the end and the side.

This is the back Like i said the room on the {right in this case} will have a wall there, oh and a roof, that's important too.The are on the left still has to be built. I have decide not to add on where you see those window and door openings, maybe one day when I have room . ..

Till next time,

Lidil stuff

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It has been a while. . .

Slide 1
As my tile says it has been a long time, but wait! I have an explanation and a healthy dose of eye candy!! You see it was not because I was horribly sick, but because this camera (or computer, they are still arguing who's at fault.) Any way one of them would not upload the pictures. . . Tsk tsk. And what is my blog with out pictures?

Well any way the first picture is of the window box for my Garfield, where will I put this you ask? In the addition. I know I know I am bonkers. But look at it this way, it now has a ball room! I call Garfield it, because, it is soo big its eating up space. ;) Oh I have not finished the area on the left , yet. Today I am working on a clock tower. Tomorrow I work, then the day after I will probaly still work on the clock tower. I bough a four inch clock off ebay that chimes, glad I don't sleep downstairs. I also started a bell tower, I will take pictures of that soon. I really need more ceilng height. Any way I was also going to mention that those shingles are the ones green leaf used to make from luanne ply wood I really like them.

Here is a picture of the ballroom French doors, I really am happy they also have a header, Which I forgot to take a picture of, sigh , its off white on the other side. I like these doors because they have mullions. I spent probably a whole day painting doors with out mullions, and adding them in what a pain in the glass. You can check out green leaf for more pics.

Till next time

Lidil stuff.