Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A little Late

Well the title says it all, sigh oh well I have some nice eye candy for you. I bricked a couple walls and built them out that will be so the floret fixtures can go behind them. They look kinda rough but with some trim it will look better.

You can see the wall on the left, I am quite happy with this wall however I f i was to do it over again I would do a niche. The bricks are great and a tad thick, but they used to be a brick kids model the little ones got bored with them so I got it! I still Have a few bricks I might do a half wall against the back with a gate, If i can find a way to incorporate a window, the angled wall will be mirrored tiled and have lattice over top of it.

The floor will be terracotta or stone as you can see I have made some tiles, there on the top of this picture is Some of my clay tools There is a stylus, Syd's tool I got from minikitz and a nail file.

Till next time,

Lidil stuff.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Midas touch

Well I got this bath set today for twenty, actually a couple weeks ago, trouble with it is it was kinda plain here are the before and after shots I think it looks better with gold.

I wanted this set for a while and got it, I am quite pleased with the results it sitting on the shelf next to my computer, so it doesn't get broken. Also it came with a free bread basket. I got it from eVil bay, this seller also runs an online store called International Doll House Miniatures. I promise or at least I will try to update tomorrow I have a few things I want to show you,
till next time
Lidil Stuff

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hutch Surgery

Well I guess it is about time I post any way; I decided to commit some surgery on some of those infamous Michaels hutches, as you can see in the opening piece it is a great way to separate the pieces. The cool thing about this one is when I remove the top piece I have a toy chest I cut off the sides now that I am half done I wish I left on the top, but I will find a way to finish the top.

Any way in the next photo you can see when I cut the hutch, the cabinet I added wood so it will sit on the ledge, I covered this with stir sticks, a base board will finish the bottom, This will be a nice way to display a mini collection,

In the next photo I added a hutch to the back and added a base. I also finished both sides in bead board stir sticks the stairs go at the end of this.

In the next photo you can see it in place the l shaped thingy is a bar,

there will be a glass front with a glass s shelf. This structure will be painted white with a few dark wood accents. That’s what I have been doing among other things. Till next time!!

Lidil stuff

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hi all!!

So i haven't done much but i will show you a picture and send you on your way! I grouted the stones see I did do something! Check out my studio at Green leaf.