Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hutch Surgery

Well I guess it is about time I post any way; I decided to commit some surgery on some of those infamous Michaels hutches, as you can see in the opening piece it is a great way to separate the pieces. The cool thing about this one is when I remove the top piece I have a toy chest I cut off the sides now that I am half done I wish I left on the top, but I will find a way to finish the top.

Any way in the next photo you can see when I cut the hutch, the cabinet I added wood so it will sit on the ledge, I covered this with stir sticks, a base board will finish the bottom, This will be a nice way to display a mini collection,

In the next photo I added a hutch to the back and added a base. I also finished both sides in bead board stir sticks the stairs go at the end of this.

In the next photo you can see it in place the l shaped thingy is a bar,

there will be a glass front with a glass s shelf. This structure will be painted white with a few dark wood accents. That’s what I have been doing among other things. Till next time!!

Lidil stuff

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