Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A little Late

Well the title says it all, sigh oh well I have some nice eye candy for you. I bricked a couple walls and built them out that will be so the floret fixtures can go behind them. They look kinda rough but with some trim it will look better.

You can see the wall on the left, I am quite happy with this wall however I f i was to do it over again I would do a niche. The bricks are great and a tad thick, but they used to be a brick kids model the little ones got bored with them so I got it! I still Have a few bricks I might do a half wall against the back with a gate, If i can find a way to incorporate a window, the angled wall will be mirrored tiled and have lattice over top of it.

The floor will be terracotta or stone as you can see I have made some tiles, there on the top of this picture is Some of my clay tools There is a stylus, Syd's tool I got from minikitz and a nail file.

Till next time,

Lidil stuff.

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