Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bathroom Lay-out

Today life intervened, soo, I will show you my new bathroom layout. See the door in the back? It goes to a non existent hallway, there is no longer a mini hallway in front connecting the master with the kids room, it now 'not' there in the back, the little alcove in the kids room will be perfect for a door, I was going to put a false bath in there but why would you have have the walk thru the master into a hallway (or thru a bathroom then into a hallway) into a bedroom then into anoter bath. I like this lay out better, no on will open the door I hope, with the little space, I can make it look like a hallway in the kids room, soo from the stairs you go left to the master right to a hallway that leads to a bath and a bedroom, much better, in the stair way, the illusion of a hall will be there with another door that goes no where. I hope some one can make sense of this.

Ooh I also changed the look i hope its easer to read.

Till next time


KathieB said...

Corwin, I like the new look of the blog. It's much easier to read.

Your solution to the faux hallway is brilliant!

Lidilstuff said...

Thanks Kathie!