Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fully exposed

Many people asked for a full view of the over all project well here ya go. Its messy I am warning you! This is the bell tower and will be stoned. Maybe a couple of pixie heads mixed in we will see.

This is the front, the little thing being held by masking tape will be the clock turret, it will have a pointy roof and bottom I am thinking of extending the porch all around for continuity we will see.

This veiw shows the side and the removable section the conseravtory will be attachedthose holes in the middle will be a window, stones, amd above them maybe a balconey, sorry for the mess, again

This view shows the stairs which I am happy with the angled wall will be sided. There will also be a sewing room uptop, with a french door and a window box on the end and the side.

This is the back Like i said the room on the {right in this case} will have a wall there, oh and a roof, that's important too.The are on the left still has to be built. I have decide not to add on where you see those window and door openings, maybe one day when I have room . ..

Till next time,

Lidil stuff


hannajaleijona said...

Oh wow! This looks amazing. I admire your courage to make such a unique house with tons of details going on. It's going to be such a treasure!

Lidil Stuff said...