Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It has been a while. . .

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As my tile says it has been a long time, but wait! I have an explanation and a healthy dose of eye candy!! You see it was not because I was horribly sick, but because this camera (or computer, they are still arguing who's at fault.) Any way one of them would not upload the pictures. . . Tsk tsk. And what is my blog with out pictures?

Well any way the first picture is of the window box for my Garfield, where will I put this you ask? In the addition. I know I know I am bonkers. But look at it this way, it now has a ball room! I call Garfield it, because, it is soo big its eating up space. ;) Oh I have not finished the area on the left , yet. Today I am working on a clock tower. Tomorrow I work, then the day after I will probaly still work on the clock tower. I bough a four inch clock off ebay that chimes, glad I don't sleep downstairs. I also started a bell tower, I will take pictures of that soon. I really need more ceilng height. Any way I was also going to mention that those shingles are the ones green leaf used to make from luanne ply wood I really like them.

Here is a picture of the ballroom French doors, I really am happy they also have a header, Which I forgot to take a picture of, sigh , its off white on the other side. I like these doors because they have mullions. I spent probably a whole day painting doors with out mullions, and adding them in what a pain in the glass. You can check out green leaf for more pics.

Till next time

Lidil stuff.

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