Sunday, September 20, 2009

I can explain really!

But why waist your time?? All right today we will make a purse/handbag/etc.

You will need balsa wood strip wood about 2/3rds thick, a knife, some fabric and ribbons of your choice, scissors and of coarse glue.

Step 1

Start with a piece of strip wood preferably balsa wood. About an inch long and an inch tall, mine was an inch and a half.

Step 2 and 3

Slice off the top making a triangle with a square base.

Add a triangular slit in the side be digging in your knife shallowly at an angle, do this twice. Oh don’t forget the other side.

Now is where you get to add your fabric!

Step 4

If you followed the directions then you will need a piece about an inch square, and one rectangle the width of your purse (1 inch) by about 3-4 inches you can cut the excess or fold into a triangle for a flap.

Step 5

Using a toothpick spread glue over top of the wood and wrap your inch square piece around the edge and using a toothpick [a separate one is better no likes glue on there bag] press into the groves

Step 6

Wrap your inch wide fabric around and either cut off the excess or fold into a flap. If there is any excess on the sides cut it off.


A pocket upfront can be added with a coordinating fabric, by cutting a square and covering it with trim, a handle can be made with lots of things here are some ideas



Leather strips

Jewelry cord


Jewelry findings


For an evening bag you just make the purse about half an inch tall, and follow the instructions almost the same. For handles you can use




Leather strips



Jewelry findings

Small scale drawer handles.

Sory for the long wait I have been traveling and working a lot in the summer, but I am back now! I will soon post about the mini show here

Bellow is a teaser of what I have done in my spare time.

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