Monday, September 21, 2009

September Show And New garfeild pics!!

Hi Evey one! Soo what do you think of this stucco? Let me tell you it looks even better in real life! How did I do it? Well, I us old arclic, the lumpy stuff you throw out and sponge it on, EASY! This is a shot of the library Like the chairs? I got them at a mini show, In Edmonton Alberta More pics of what I got and displays here.

I am so happy about this room more pics of the finished room here. The walls are scrap book paper with wood over top. I used grandmas stovers Glue It worked really well, the top trim is embossed trim painted antique white with krylon gold leafing pen rubbed on. The walls come of to access the wiring. That door leads into the little girls room at this landing will be a pool table, on the upper level will bea games table and a pair of chairs a sofa and a couple tables. The trim over top of the book case is held on by wax, for the book shelve comes out and that is where the wiring goes. The who;e room will have parquet floors. The door will Have curtains hanging down. Hmmm, I need to finish that trim around the window. . .

Ill show you one more thing, my roof topper are little plastic dragons, and will [duh] go on the roof, I got those a t a toy store.

Till Next time, Lidil stuff

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