Thursday, October 1, 2009


Already? Yikes. Well here is a tut for a perfume tray, if you all are good, you might get Halloween something. . .. Any ways . . . As you can see from the above photograph you will need, a small piece of strip wood, and a piece of thin lumber. I made my tray to fit on my dresser in the master bedroom. You will also need a knife ruler and a pencil is always helpful. Also You will need various beads for your perfumes. I used something else which you will soon see.
The base of my tray is an inch and a half long by 3/4ths of an inch. The strip wood was a touch thick so I split it in half and Cut the sides an inch and a half and the other side 3/4ths of an inch. I then mitered the corners and and stained it. The stir stick is optional, you can create a little lip around the box if you want. I didn't.

So trays need handles right? I used bugle beads and after this photo was taken painted them gold with my trusty krylon pen. The feet are beads but you can use buttons, or other findings.

I glued the feet so there are only a little showing from up top. Just eyeball it so it looks even. I was going to use another smaller type of bugle beads for the feet but they were to tall.

Now for the handles try as might. This is the only amount of glue that would let them stay. In this case less isn't more.

Now I bought these cocktail sticks from the dollar store [dollarama] I cut them down so there is a touch of the metal stick left. And I just stuck them in.

Here is the final result I really like the way it turned out.The chains sticking out of the dresser are just an inch if chain, one painted gold with you guessed it, my krylon gold leafing pen. The 'unmentionable' sticking from the top drawer is a bit of ribbon. I really like this dresser!

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Jean Day said...

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C said...

Thanks Jean!