Friday, October 16, 2009

A really good Thanks Giving

Admittedly I should have posted this sooner but, I worked Sunday, (last weekend) we were having our thanks giving supper then, so any ways, while I was working, I was approached by one of my coworkers who had a friend associated with the shelter. Anyways I was asked if I wanted a dog, as you all know i really have no room, I stated to hesitate.

'Shes a year old border collie really nice dog.'

Oh Why is some on giving her away then?

[Then came the bomb shell.] There not they are going to put her down tomorrow.


Because she isn't selling.

Grumble a curse about shelters. So I phoned home, it was a quick decison, no one wanted an another dog, but we wanted her not to be put down. So we adopted her She is Boder collie husky maybe german shepard.

Being born in a shelter she was only trained on news paper but so far, she is doing ok. Well She is great with the kids, great with buddy very playful but very skinny and has issues with sharing.

Well work on that

So far she is quite settled! Her name is misty, the thing about that is she came with a different one, but she didn`t respond to it, we were disusing names when this one came up she cam over and gave us a look like, whatya want! Misty is the black dog Buddy Is the white dog.

Till next time ,


Doreen said...

Awwwww - I had tears in my eyes reading this. You are so good to have taken Misty in. How sad that she has never known a life other than the shelter. I can't believe that no one wanted her as Border collies and the mixes make the very best pets. Our beloved Mandy was a border collie mix (or austrailian shepherd mix) and she was the best dog we ever had. Thank God you were there for her. May she give you many years of enjoyment as well as be a pal for Buddy.

C said...

Thank you Doreen :) She is a great dog and likes to chew, i giver lots of chew treats better than furniture!