Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time to breathe. .

I wanted to show this off it is looking so well, By the way I was playing with the settings on my camera wahtya think? It took half a bucket of grout, i find out after, it works better if you water it down. The top will have a smoking chimney. There is a cover for it. The shingle were uh, fun yeah that's it. I added the top two floors because looking at this wall was driving Zoinkers. I still need some of those single french doors, I do have another window some where. . . Oh by the way,please excuse the mess. I work better in creative chaos. I will clean it up honest!

This is the side wall next to the tower it will have rocks, and cedar shakes. The floor is a nice light blue. The posts will be half cedar shakes half stone, I might ad a seat or two built into the railing. There will be no roof on the side though. Not sure about porch posts, might still do those we will see. I thought of adding a balcony but I would have to rework the master bedroom.

These two are of the balcony a close up this one you can see the supports above you can see the diagonal siding. I wanted different lets go inside.

This is the nursery this room will be in progress, with tools here and there Studs showing on the wall. Plaster sticking through etc.

This is going to be the butlers room probably done a shades of worn green I have a murphy bed to go in here. There will be a door into this room

This will be a sewing room a nook area with a raised area for the dummy and I will probably hide the power strip in here. There will be an arch with curtains going across. That little step up goes into the ball room.

As always there are more pics here at green leaf lots of new pics of my dogs here too. . .

Till Next time,


Jessica said...

Reminds me of the days I spent as a teen making furniture for my cape cod "dollhouse" which was actually a scaled cape cod. I used to do up the walls and I even varnished the wood floor. I loved making little things like a slate board and books to place in it. Oh the days when I had TIME on my side. =)

Well look forward to seeing more of your house. I love the world of miniature. Always have. Have fun!

BTW that was a cute story about your dog getting her name. =)

C said...

Thanks Jessica, I'm glad you like it so far, i do plan to update soon, I was pretty sick there for a bit.

Your cape Cod House sounds brilliant!

Misty has been quite fun but she is doing well.

Till Next time

Johanna said...

Interesting project :)

Lidilstuff said...

It is isn't it!