Friday, March 20, 2009

Hard headed

Hi all, here is my weekly ish update,

Today and since last time, I have created wall template's from foam core, paneled an papered them but the crown molding didn't match up so I created a ceiling, its my 3rd try on both of these, and I am quite happy., as soon as I can get my paws on an iron, i will re do the floors in parquet.

Stay tuned because very soon you will get to see what furniture for this room, it is from a wonderful artist, that is a blast to deal with. I'll give you a hint, her name is Deb. Any who enough chit chat, here is the eye candy.

I know what your thinking, wont the people be slightly upset with those obscene orange things? Well don't worry, there clamps and they won't be there forever, nor will the jug of tile sealer. its thee so the ceiling won't squash them like ants. Its a Victorian house after all they shouldn't need hard hats.
I used a template made from foam core for this because it was easier.

Till next time


Monday, March 9, 2009

Tick talk. . .

The mouse ran down the clock, well maybe not, but I thought I would show you what I have done with the clock tower so far.As you can see the outside is plain with no stone, it will have stone on the outside and a working clock that chimes on the hour. Glad Its on another floor.

Any ways. . .The inside is like a small room and will house a chair a small shelf and the middle space will have a bunch if gears. The bottom of it will come down in a point and ill be removable by Velcro. So I can move garf.

Cya later
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bathroom Lay-out

Today life intervened, soo, I will show you my new bathroom layout. See the door in the back? It goes to a non existent hallway, there is no longer a mini hallway in front connecting the master with the kids room, it now 'not' there in the back, the little alcove in the kids room will be perfect for a door, I was going to put a false bath in there but why would you have have the walk thru the master into a hallway (or thru a bathroom then into a hallway) into a bedroom then into anoter bath. I like this lay out better, no on will open the door I hope, with the little space, I can make it look like a hallway in the kids room, soo from the stairs you go left to the master right to a hallway that leads to a bath and a bedroom, much better, in the stair way, the illusion of a hall will be there with another door that goes no where. I hope some one can make sense of this.

Ooh I also changed the look i hope its easer to read.

Till next time

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fully exposed

Many people asked for a full view of the over all project well here ya go. Its messy I am warning you! This is the bell tower and will be stoned. Maybe a couple of pixie heads mixed in we will see.

This is the front, the little thing being held by masking tape will be the clock turret, it will have a pointy roof and bottom I am thinking of extending the porch all around for continuity we will see.

This veiw shows the side and the removable section the conseravtory will be attachedthose holes in the middle will be a window, stones, amd above them maybe a balconey, sorry for the mess, again

This view shows the stairs which I am happy with the angled wall will be sided. There will also be a sewing room uptop, with a french door and a window box on the end and the side.

This is the back Like i said the room on the {right in this case} will have a wall there, oh and a roof, that's important too.The are on the left still has to be built. I have decide not to add on where you see those window and door openings, maybe one day when I have room . ..

Till next time,

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It has been a while. . .

Slide 1
As my tile says it has been a long time, but wait! I have an explanation and a healthy dose of eye candy!! You see it was not because I was horribly sick, but because this camera (or computer, they are still arguing who's at fault.) Any way one of them would not upload the pictures. . . Tsk tsk. And what is my blog with out pictures?

Well any way the first picture is of the window box for my Garfield, where will I put this you ask? In the addition. I know I know I am bonkers. But look at it this way, it now has a ball room! I call Garfield it, because, it is soo big its eating up space. ;) Oh I have not finished the area on the left , yet. Today I am working on a clock tower. Tomorrow I work, then the day after I will probaly still work on the clock tower. I bough a four inch clock off ebay that chimes, glad I don't sleep downstairs. I also started a bell tower, I will take pictures of that soon. I really need more ceilng height. Any way I was also going to mention that those shingles are the ones green leaf used to make from luanne ply wood I really like them.

Here is a picture of the ballroom French doors, I really am happy they also have a header, Which I forgot to take a picture of, sigh , its off white on the other side. I like these doors because they have mullions. I spent probably a whole day painting doors with out mullions, and adding them in what a pain in the glass. You can check out green leaf for more pics.

Till next time

Lidil stuff.