Friday, April 23, 2010

It has come

It has come indeed. my card reader!!

After three months, *grumble*

Any ways I will show you a tutorial of sorts today, Here is a shot of the crown molding in the Garfield living room. The diagram on the left is how i did it. A piece of strip wood up top, followed by one bellow, and another bellow that. Then there is two different crown moldings. sorry about the lousy pictures, i need to play with my cameras settings. Poke the pictures to make them bigger! Well I hope this gives you ideas, i have other things to share. But right now i  am working on green leafs 4th annual  spring fling! Linkie here.

Oh I should also mention I am Meca Featured artisan for April!
Meca is a small forum and growing.

Till next time

Lidil Stuff!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Still here

Honest! I am and have been waiting very impatiently waiting for a card reader, mean time here is a pic to keep you occupied, its an old one. I made it from a photo box used to keep well photos in! 

The rest was scraps, and woodsies that were already painted.

I need a card reader!!!

Till next time, Lidilstuff