Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello I thought I would post a tutorial today. Today we will learn how to wire a Lamp. This can be applied to ceiling lights wall sconces any thing with a single light. Its really easy, bear with me Cat is supra vising. She says she doesn't want me messing this up.

Ok so will need the light in question, a replaceable light string. My favorite to use is one wher you can replace the bulb. Any way you will also need small needle nose pliers and a knife, It doesn't have to be shiny though Cathrine disagrees.

So fist thing we do is remove the bulb if you can, we don't want it damaged, remove the shade or what ever is on it. Next cut the cord from the plug we won't need the wire if you are going to reattach it so discasard or here's an idea be creative with it  any way. . .

Next we pull the wire and in some case the bulb through. If the bulb isn't removable wear gloves and use hemostats or pliers. Pull thru.

Next, we will grab the new wire and bulb we will pull it strait just run your fingers along it.

Now thread the wire thru. In some cases you will have to bend it thru turns and curly q's just a bit at a time.

One you threaded it thru, you can attach it to you tape wire or splice it, we will just reattach the plug today.

So Split the wires gently with the knife and separate them with your hands or pliers, hands should work fine.

Now using your finger nail, it doesn't have to be sharp its better if its not take off a little more than 1/4 an inch leaving a bit of wire.


Now straiten it out and feed your plug thru it.


Make an M shape with the wires.

Slide it in, this can be tricky.

Put your prongs in long side out is how this on came but I have seen them reversed. Use your pliers for this.

And we are DONE!!!!!! You should be able to plug it in now in your standard transform/lighting system.

Cathrine is telling me that I "Took too long." This took me two photo shoots, the first one dint turn out. On a side nOte My studio is cleaning up well. Two more days and I can play!!

She says I gotta get back to it. *Mumbles something about slave driver*

Till Next time 
And Cathrine

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