Sunday, September 19, 2010

Say Hello to Catherine

She likes to be called Cat.
 I have nothing against cats mind you, but this ones bossy. I picked her up at the Edmonton Show. I got her home and she won't stop talking. She weezled out of me that a I have a blog, yes I know its a tad neglected, well more than a tad. . .

Any way Cat had one look and said 'There is no way this will do. No way at all we have to re do every thing.'

When told her to go for it, she took one look at me and said I am not wrecking these heels on that key board. If i must ruin them it will be walking over you. 

Sheesh. We are off to pick new blog designs. She wants weekly updates,and more tutorials. And lets not go into what kinda uh building she wants.

I should mention Cat wants the work room cleaned and every thing must go, well she says. I am trying to clean it. really. Well . . .  We had a leak  and I had to mop n bleach up the water and mold nothing Major was ruined. Well i will Close this up and hope to  here from You soon!

Till Next time 


and Catherine

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