Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Still working

and I Can't wait to show you what I am doing but in the meantime, I thought I would show you my spring fling contest entry from 2009, I t was meant to be on the grounds of the Garfield, bu the way the Garfield is growing, it will have to be next to it. Any way here is the front

This house was so I could experiment with various techniques I wanted to try.I really like the two tone bead board. You might not be able to see it but there is a copper roof on the curved roof.

This is the inside, this now has a potting bench but aside from that its pretty much the same. The floors are scrap book paper.

This is the top floor, i still need a telescope, but the idea was the garner lies to watch the stars.  I need to get some other photos, one day.

Till Net time, Lidilstuff

And Cathrine

Monday, October 11, 2010

Library with your turkey?

 Well I didn't update"Last week " Beacuse I wanted to get a touch bit more done and beside, I should save it for a holiday! 
Cat said it was ok, aslong as I upadted today, Anyway if your canadian, Happy Thanksgiving! If youre not Happy Monday! 
Anyways  I have played with the layout yet again with the garf I have made the library two stories, scraped the kids castle room  so far, and the music room. We Now have a two storey library. Of to the right will be a large conservatory which will house The music collection. Cathrine seems to think this is much more fitting of a grand manor.

As you can see In the first photo there is molding right between the two floors The will be but not that one The will be a cast iron stair case between the two floors and to make the lower book shelves accessible The stair case has to be out a touch. Anyway the upper loft has four sets of shelves as well as what could be a bench or a table, I will probably use this for a bench and have a couple of chairs up there. The Ceiling Will Have Lights around the mural and possibly a few more embellishments. There will also be a large ish chandler. Oh The gentleman there is Christopher he is the man of the house. Gina Gagnon Made him she did a fabulous job! Cat seems to have an eye on him, forget it lady hes taken, By Maria, she will be created soon. I will probably do a cast iron railing up here. Also the open space at the back won't be there when I am done.

The down stairs book case will have pin hinges making it more or less of a barristers book case. The exception being that this will hold Taxidermy! Well Plastic animals made to look like taxidermy. The drawers at the bottom open. I am planing on using one for rocks, shells, eggs, butterfly's etc. The far wall or the the tall wall will hold a massive fire place, I am in the process of hunting one down, It will be hopefully six inches tall, And the over mantle i am hoping about seven or eight. I am thinking a heavily carved mahogany or stone fire place with rocks going up the rest of the wall. BTW the ceiling in this room is seventeen inches tall! This room will be mahogany paneled with white trim, and a parqet floor. The conservatory floor will Be raised.

The next shot is a close up of the book case. I don't know if you have looked at old glass lately, but most of it has ripples. I simulated this with nail polish. The top to shelves will probably hold books. I will replace those nobs with brass pulls and the doors will get pulls as well. Just one more thing Cathrine seems to think that the barristers bookcase area and the mural need lights so i will probably do that.

Till next time Lidilstuff
and Cathrine

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Picture

Hi all This week, I thought I would show you a snap shot of my HBS project for last year. Its an Egyptian styled gazebo. See? I CAN Do something different!

Over View



I wanted something simple and not to cluttered as a change of pace. I love this little scene!

Tll Next time
Lidil Stuff

Ps. Cat says Hi.