Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Picture

Hi all This week, I thought I would show you a snap shot of my HBS project for last year. Its an Egyptian styled gazebo. See? I CAN Do something different!

Over View



I wanted something simple and not to cluttered as a change of pace. I love this little scene!

Tll Next time
Lidil Stuff

Ps. Cat says Hi.


dora said...

Te está quedando muy bien. Felicidades.
Besos Carmen

Lidilstuff said...



Thmini2 said...

Funny thing is that I had entered an egyptian room also. The one with the chariot in the yard. It was fun to do something different. I love your room. Are you entering this years contest also?

Lidilstuff said...

Thank you. It is fun to do something different. I will be entering in this years contest. I am happy with the way that ones turning out.